Friday, July 31, 2015

Video of Heavy Rainfall and Wind in Cebu City, Philippines on July 31, 2015 - Viral

Strong wind like a tornado and a heavy rain storm hit Cebu City and Province which causes severe flooding and trees were falling on July 31, 2015, Friday afternoon.

People in Cebu City were being on alert after a strong wind and heavy rain hit Cebu City. Rescue teams and local officials were immediately responded in different parts of the area. Trees are falling but there were no injuries being recorded as of this report.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Real Life Fallen Angel Fallen From the Sky in London

July 23, 2015 - Alleged real life fallen angel fallen from the sky in London which photos and video became viral and trending online. The real life fallen angel lying on the ground. It garnered thousands of shares and likes in social media sites.

Fallen Angel in London on July 23, 2015 - viral and popular.
Real Story here
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cheater Birthday Surprise - Boyfriend Gift of Cheating Girlfriend Video gone Viral

This lady clueless on what her boyfriend's surprise on her birthday but when she open her eyes, she saw her things were already packed up. Her boyfriend then tell her that he saw her cheating with other man. The video gone viral and trending online after it was uploaded in youtube on July 17, 2015.

What do you think with this revenge of a guy.

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Ashley Madison users Nude Photos Leaked and Surfaced Online

Nude photos from users of cheating site Ashley Madison leaked and surfaced online on July 22, 2015. Naked photos of over 30 million users and credit card details will be sold to the highest after the site was hacked. The news gone viral and trending online which some users immediately deleted their personal and private photos in their accounts.

The insider, who is reportedly well connected within the hacking community, told Sky News that The Impact Team are "just bluffing" about leaking the data.

"They claim that they are going to give all the information out, especially credit card details and all the other 'links' and the 'hashes'," the anonymous hacker told Sky.

"I don’t think they're going to release them.

"They have a better chance of selling on to someone else or to a 'Blackcat Market' on the 'Deep Web'. They’ll profit from this in a big way, especially with the size of this database."

In a statement, Ashley Madison parent company Avid Life Media said: "We were recently made aware of an attempt by an unauthorised party to gain access to our systems.

"We immediately launched a thorough investigation utilising leading forensics experts and other security professionals to determine the origin, nature, and scope of this incident.

"We apologise for this unprovoked and criminal intrusion into our customers' information.

"The current business world has proven to be one in which no company's online assets are safe from cyber-vandalism, with Avid Life Media being only the latest among many companies to have been attacked, despite investing in the latest privacy and security technologies.

"We have always had the confidentiality of our customers' information foremost in our minds, and have had stringent security measures in place, including working with leading IT vendors from around the world.

"As other companies have experienced, these security measures have unfortunately not prevented this attack to our system.

"At this time, we have been able to secure our sites, and close the unauthorised access points.

"We are working with law enforcement agencies, which are investigating this criminal act.

"Any and all parties responsible for this act of cyber–terrorism will be held responsible."
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pro Surfer Mick Fanning Attacked by Great White Shark - Viral Video

Pro surfer Mick Fanning attacked by great white shark at Jeffreys which video became viral and trending online on July 19, 2015.  The video shows the great white shark attacks Mick Fanning from behind. Rescuers responded immediately and the competition was canceled due to the incident.

Pro surfer and 3x world champ Mick Fanning fought off a great white shark during the #JBayOpen final and somehow walked away with just a bit leash. Thankfully he is OK, competition has been suspended and this is certainly one of the craziest scenes to play out during a LIVE sports broadcast. Get more from the World Surf League on this scary event.
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Andrea Brillantes New Video Scandal Leaked and Gone Viral Online

A new scandalous video of Andrea Brillantes leaked and surfaced online which gone viral early on Friday, July 10, 2015. The "Andrea Brillantes video scandal Part 2" became popular in social media sites after it was uploaded by still unidentified person.

Same as the Andrea scandalous part 1 video, which gone viral. The second video shows alleged Andrea Brillantes touching her private part with her fingers. Authorities are asking netizens not to share the video because it will affect the star's emotion since she's too young to face such controversy.
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Child Star Andrea Brillantes Video Scandal Goes Viral - Part 1, 2

Alleged videos of Andrea Brillantes gone viral and surfaced online on July 10,  2015. The video which was shared in several blogsites garnered the attention of netizens. Andrea Brillantes leaked scandalous video which socked thousands of her fans. It was not clear whether the videos is real or fake.

According to blog Crooms, the leaked video scandal of Andrea Brillantes has two two part. Photo captured from the said scandal was emerges and shared in social media.

The actress is currently playing the role of Lia Buenavista on ABS-CBN’s primetime series Pangako Sayo.

Uploader of the video is still unknown but he/she may face legal charges for uploading it in the internet.

However, if proven the uploader may face legal charges, cases such as:

1. Republic Act No. 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009

Taking a photo or video coverage of a person or group of persons performing sexual act. It includes capturing an image of a person’s private parts.

Reproduction, copying, selling, or distribution of the photo or video of sexual act.

Publishing, broadcasting, showing or exhibiting the photo or video of sexual act.

2.  Revised Penal Code, Article 353

It is a “public and malicious imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, condition, status, or circumstance tending to cause the dishonor, discredit, or contempt of a natural or juridical person..”

3. Revised Penal Code, Article 355

A libel committed by means of writing, printing, lithography, engraving, radio, phonograph, painting, theatrical exhibition, cinematographic exhibition, or any similar means, punishable by prision correccional in its minimum and medium periods or a fine ranging from 200 to 6,000 pesos, or both, in addition to the civil action which may be brought by the offended party
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Teenager Died in Cebu City kay Nadat-ugan sa Poste sa Veco on July 7, 2015 - Viral Video

A teenager died in Cebu City when toppled post of Veco fell on him on July 7, 2015 - Video became viral and trending online.

The video of the incident caught on CCTV which garnered thousands of shares and views in social media.

The improvised barbecue stand toppled and broke into pieces. The wood from the barbecue stand pierced Bureros in the chest, killing him.

SPO4 Alex Dacua said the boy died on arrival at the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC). Ambros however sustained minor injuries in the head.

Viral video here
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Strong magnitude 6. 1 earthquake shook Surigao del Norte, Philippines - July 3, 2015

Viral News: Strong magnitude 6. 1 earthquake shook Surigao del Norte and nearby provinces on July 3, 20915. Cebu felt the intensity 3 which scares several people in the area. There were no official reports of damages and injuries brought by the earthquake. Magnitude 6.1 earthquake is a strong one.

Updates: #‎Earthquake‬ felt intensity 3 in Metro Cebu, Epicenter at Dinagat Island, tectonic, ‪#‎Philvocs‬ Mactan

03 Jul 2015 - 02:43 PM          10.23      126.39       030      6.1   041 km N 56° E of Burgos (Surigao del Norte) 
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China Hit by magnitude 6.1 Earthquake on July 3, 2015

China was hit by magnitude 6.1 earthquake on July 3, 2015 which killed at least 3 people. Several establishments were damaged. Officials are assessing the situation in the province of Xinjiang, China.

According to US Geological Survey, the epicenter of the earthquake was in 160km of Hotan and it has 10km in deep.

“If many people are gathered in one place during an earthquake, it can lead to a serious disaster, but in this case, there were relatively few people so it isn’t so serious,” ayon sa pahayag ng isang Chinese official.

“The buildings are all shaking, and there are people everywhere outside.”
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

River Monster Gar, Relatives of TRex Dinosaur Seen in Texas

A river monster, Gar carried by the flood in Texas. T.Rex and velocirators are the descendants of this creature. The photo gone viral online. This is the real creature which can be seen in the movie "Jurassic World".

A number of juvenile longnose gar were stuck in the fences near the Trinity, likely trying to return to the main river after feeding in the flooded areas. It was a bittersweet sight, as their untimely death allowed me to observe their impressive, armor-like scales and mouths full of sharp teeth. Certain Native Americans groups used gar scales as arrowheads, and even as protective breastplates.

Most of the gar caught in the fence were around two feet long; I left eager to see one of the 6-foot adults living in the Trinity. Gar are often called “living fossils” as they have remained virtually unchanged for the last 100 million years (since the late Cretaceous)! The ancestors of these gar shared the world with T. rex and velociraptors. It seems almost fitting to have attention drawn to all these guys now that “Jurassic World” is in theaters.

source: national geographic
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Paris Hilton Plane Crash Prank in Dubai Video - Die in Plane Crash Prank

Paris Hilton plane crash prank in Dubai - video became viral and trending online - June 28, 2015. Paris Hilton thinks 'she's going to die' in morbid prank.

Is this TV's cruelest prank? Egyptian show films screaming and crying Paris Hilton on private jet as pilot sends it plummeting to the ground claiming they are going to crash Paris was pranked by Egyptian actor Ramez Galal who produces a show for broadcast during Ramadan The heiress, 34, is seen screaming and crying as the pilot maneuvers the plane as if it's lost power When the Egyptian tells her it was all a joke, she tells him: 'I'm going to kill you'
Even by TV prank standards, the one pulled on Paris Hilton by an Egyptian TV show was pretty hard core.

Egyptian actor Ramez Galal specializes in producing audacious specials that air during the month of Ramadan.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brave Lady Stops Thieves, Drags Him Back to Store - Viral Video

Lady Shop Assistant Stops Shoplifter, Drags Him Back Into Store
The video of the brave lady shop assistant became viral after she drags the thieves back to the store - June 17, 215. The video garnered thousands of shares and likes in social media.

Brave female shop assistant pepper sprays shoplifter and drags him back into store K-market in Helsinki, Finland
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors Won Championship of NBA Finals 2015 - Video

Golden State Warriors lead by Stephen Curry won the championship of NBA Finals 2015 against Cleveland Cavaliers - June 16, 2015 (US T). The Warriors achieve the goal to take the crown of NBA 2015 after beating the Cavaliers. Stephen Curry is the MVP of this season.

Lebron James lead Cleveland to give difficult fight to Golden State Warriors. Watch the video of the Game 6 of the Game.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Viral Video of Roof of Ayala Center Cebu Cinema Collapses on June 15, 2015

Viral footage of the roof of Ayala Center Cebu - Cinema 5 collapses on June 15, 2015. The video became viral and got thousands of shares and likes in social media sites.
Two people were injured and rushed to the hospital. 
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